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Keywords: work factor, work efficiency


The purpose of this study is to examine which factor can affect the work efficiency of the staff in the cosmetics manufacturing business in Samutprakarn province. The data were collected from 309 employees of various cosmetic manufacturing factories in Samutprakarn through their answers upon the provided questionnaire. The statistics applied in the data analysis comprised Independent Samples t-test, One-way ANOVA and Pearson Product Moment Correlation.

The study indicated that most of the respondents were female, age between 18-30 years old. The monthly income is less than or equivalent to 15,000 baht ,  the majority operating positions with working experience was less than one year. The results of the hypothesis test showed that the difference of the personal factors on the gender, the income, the job position did not affect the work efficiency in the cosmetics business.  However, at the different districts in Samutprakarn province, the difference in the age, the education level and the work experience (year) affected the work efficiency of employees in the cosmetics business.

In addition, the results of the study revealed that the respondents had opinions on effective factors of the constructive efficiency of the staff’s performance.  The overall factors at a high level, and each affecting efficiency factors in the performance of employees could be ranked from high to low levels as follows:  the working environment, the relationship with supervisors and coworkers, the wages, the welfare, and job security.  It was found that the sample groups had overall work efficiency at the highest level which could be sorted in descending order as follows: the personal aspect had a mean of 4.24 and the work performance aspect had a mean of 3.96. The researcher have found the obviously positive correlation between all work factors of the employees in the cosmetic manufacturing business in Samutprakarn and the overall work efficiency of the staff at the same direction with a moderate relationship. A significant statistics level was 0.01, as well as the relationship with the coworkers had the highest correlation.

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