The Study of Factors That Affect The Price of Ethereum

  • วรพงศ์ ปรีดาศักดิ์
  • ธฤตพล อู่สวัสดิ์
  • สมพร ปั่นโภชา
Keywords: Ethereum, Digital Currency, NFT, Multiple Linear Regressions, Block Chain


Ethereum is the second most popular digital currency from Bitcoin when compared with the amount of value in the digital currency market. Nowadays, digital currency is an asset that well-known in finance, business, and a group of NFT products. These products affect the value of Ethereum. This research has used Multiple Linear Regressions by Ordinary Least Squares and examined the relation of a variable for the accuracy of the result. And using statistic tools (SAS) write a program for data processing to find the relationship of the above factors with the digital market platform. That has a high reputation for selling NFT products. The result shows that group of NFT products when the amount of spending increases the price of Ethereum will increase in the same direction.


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