Analyze the causes of reduced donations and guidelines to increasing the donations to achieve the budget of the foundation's goals

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Keywords: Donation Amount, Budget, Foundation


This study aims to analyze the causes of declining donation and guidelines approaches to increase the donations to the annual budget target. The concept of management and marketing is 6W1H 7P's Five Force schematic for archive the solution and SWOT Analysis. That the sample consisted of supervisors and officers of the Foundation, has 3 persons from the Foundation and donors 100 persons for this study. The interviews and questionnaires Statistical Frequency Percent The mean and standard deviation. The study indicated that the cause of the problem has decrease of 4 aspects are the competition is increasing, the marketing online services on website it very hard to do and there are many steps, the lack of skilled personnel in cognitive and the places like the parking area of the Foundation is not enough for donors those who receive service. So I would like to presents 3 options and option 2 is most appropriate. The new system is to manage to get online. With corporate reputation that can create a positive image for donors. And take advantage of the technology to develop a system of social services. this new funding channels. facilitate interested parties to join. and enrich the elite service has increased.

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