Increasing sales volume of Beverage at Liketea Shop Chaem Chaeo Market Branch

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Keywords: Sales, Drinks


Self-study on increasing sales, selling beverages, tea shops, Chaem Chaeo market branches purpose To analyze the causes of declining beverage sales and to study ways to increase sales In this study The researcher designed a survey research that was self-research using both quantitative and qualitative research tools. By implementing the framework of the market segmentation concept Target market determination And product positioning (STP) analysis of environmental factors that have a business effect Marketing Mix (Marketing Mix) Performance comparison with competitors Situation analysis (SWOT) by collecting data from in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs The shopkeeper likes tea. Chaem Chaeo Market Branch As well as using the observation of the business of the restaurant like tea And surrounding competitors And using behavior and satisfaction surveys And the general public who bought 58 drinks at the store
According to studies, it has been found that The sales of beverages, tea shops, tea shops, Chaem Chaeo market, decreased due to the increasing competition. Both in the competition in the industry Customer bargaining power Threats from replacement products Threats from new competitors From the performance comparison with the shop, which is away from the shop like tea Chaem Jaeo Market Branch, only 15 meters away, using 7 marketing mix factors, found that tea-like shops have higher potential than stores in terms of products and price. Tea-like stores have lower potential than stores in marketing promotion. Personnel in physical and process aspects Tea-like shops have the same potential as restaurants in the areas of service. And from collecting data on behavioral and satisfaction surveys income per month 10,000-20,000 baht, the frequency of product purchases 1-2 times / week Time to buy products between 10.01-12.00 hrs. The amount of time spent on each purchase It takes less than 15 minutes and the factor of buying products is the taste of the drink. Most respondents were satisfied with the shop, like the least tea. In the environment And promoting and recommending services
The study brought the results of the analysis of the causes that affect the sales of beverages. In order to determine the way to increase sales, present 3 alternative approaches, the most suitable option is to expand the customer group to increase in new customers. Advertise products through flyers, along with advertisements, ads of shops like tea. Add to inform customer promotion And order products via LINE AD will increase new customers Can reduce problems of inadequacy in places and the environment


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