The motivation affecting performance of Kasikornbank employees head office building, Ratburana

  • ศรายุธ อิ่มธรรมพร
  • ผุสดี พลสารัมย์
Keywords: Motivation, Performance


This study aims to Study the motivation that affects the operational efficiency of Kasikorn Bank employees. Ratburana Building Head Office Which motivation and demographic characteristics that affect the performance By using questionnaires as tools The sample group used in this study was the Thai Farmers Bank Headquarters, Ratburana Building, with a total of 3,750 people. The study indicated that In terms of demographic characteristics, it was found that gender, education level and income were the working efficiency of Kasikorn bank employees, Ratburana Building Head Office. Differing at the statistical significance level of .05 and salary or compensation incentives Progressive opportunity And the working environment Affecting the performance efficiency of Kasikorn Bank employees Ratburana Building Head Office at the significant level of 0.05

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