Ways to increase sales of unpolished rice ABC brand in the modern trade market

  • ณัฐพร งามอนุสร
  • ภูษิต วงศ์หล่อสายชล
Keywords: unpolished rice, ways to increase in sales, modern trade market


The purpose of this study is to find the ways to increase sales of unpolished rice product of ABC brand rice in modern trade market. By qualitative study, the secondary data were collected from researches and articles related to the unpolished rice subject. The decision behavior of consumers to buy unpolished rice were collected through primary data by interviewing the target groups of consumers, staffs in the sale shops and also the brand manager of the unpolished rice products, including the survey of selling areas of the unpolished rice products. Finally, the data were analyzed according to the theory and the alternatives were created through the selection process by scoring criteria from the study.
It was found that the most rated choice was the Value Added, by adding value to the brand and increasing more benefits to the consumers whether the functional or emotional benefits in order to build long-term relationships with the consumers. These strategies should be implemented to create indicators and the further action plans.


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