Developing Strategies for Satellite Television Business of Firm A

  • ธนา ทวีปวรเดช
  • ภูษิต วงศ์หล่อสายชล
Keywords: Revenue of company, Competitive conditions, New Platforms, Strategic Management frameworks


The purpose of this study was to analyze the competitive conditions of the company and develop appropriate strategies to be used in the current competitive environment. This study uses the SWOT, Five Force, Benchmarking and Strategic Management frameworks. This study is a qualitative research. The data collection is done by interviewing the Chairman of the Company and the CEO of the Company by structuring the questions according to the above conceptual framework. And collecting information from websites and related agencies. The data will be processed by using TOWS Matrix and BCG Matrix to analyze the market position of company and find appropriate strategies. From the study of current competitive conditions, it was found that Satellite TV viewers tend to decrease continuously. As well as the new platform that is coming into effect, whether it is digital TV, online media, IPTV and OTT. At present, the choice of viewing more and more convenient has affected the revenue of company significantly. This study analyzes and summarizes the appropriate strategy for satellite TV business using the Alliance strategy by developing IPTV and OTT platforms together with foreign partners who are the owners of large content and being an intermediary in bringing foreign partner’s content to reach the market in Thailand by using our experience and business operations for a long time to drive this approach to success.


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