The Study of Service Marketing Mix Factor to Solve the Amount of Facility and Service Loan Problem. A Case Study of Thanachart Bank, Central Plaza Surat Thani Branch

  • พิมพ์พิศา มาศธนวัฒนกุล
  • ภูษิต วงศ์หล่อสายชล
Keywords: Marketing Mix, Behavior Toward Services, Sales Increment


The objective of this research is to study the marketing mix and the consumer behavior in choosing utility credit and services, and to increase the credit volume of Thanachart Bank, Central Plaza Surat Thani Branch by using the marketing mix and the demographic factor. This research will be the information for the entrepreneurs to know factors that affect consumers' decisions in choosing utility credit services and use it to analyze and improve the marketing service effectively to support the consumers' requirements. The researchers interviewed 10 people who ever used the credit services of Thanachart Bank, Central Plaza Surat Thani Branch, and collected the data.

The result of this research found that most of the respondents were female at the ages of 31-40 years old. The highest educational background was below bachelor's degree. The occupation was company employees. The marital status was married. The monthly income was more than 30,000 baht. In addition, key factor of the marketing mix in choosing the utility credit and services of Thanachart Bank, Central Plaza Surat Thani Branch was people. In regard to the study of the relationship between people and behavior in choosing utility credit and services, the study found that they were all associated.

This research indicates that the respondents received very little information from the bank both through the bank website and the relation from the bank clerks, this made the sales volume of credit and services down. Thus, the guidance to solve the problem is to advertise, do marketing promotions, or launch campaigns in order to get the local people to receive the information as much as possible. The branch employees need to publicize to customers both in-branch and outdoor customers, and also to current and new customers.

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