Purchasing Behavior and Marketing Factors Affecting to Customer’s Purchasing Decision of Medicine and Health Products at Drug Store in Nakhon Nayok Province

  • ทิพวรรณ อารียวงศ์สถิตย์
  • กฤษฎา มูฮัมหมัด
Keywords: Purchase Behavior, Marketing Mixes, Purchase Decision


The objective was to study of factors affecting the decision to purchasing medicine and health products from Drugstore in Nakhon Nayok area. (1) Demographic factors affecting the decision to purchasing. (2) Purchasing Behavior factors affecting the decision to purchasing moreover. (3) Marketing mixes that affecting the decision to purchasing. The studies in this survey (Survey Research) were used. As a tool to collect data from a sample. The people who come to the Drugstore in Nakhon Nayok, 427 completed the data analysis. And process that information. The use of computer-aided processing. Were analyzed by Descriptive Statistic frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and Inferential Statistics independent Sample t - test, F – test (ANOVA) and Multiple Regression Analysis in the analysis.

The results showed that: (1) To research the marketing mixes factors influencing to purchasing medicine and health product from Drugstore in Nakhon Nayok area, the overall sample that the influencing has a high level of decision making. Considering that it was also found availability prices and promoting market. Finally, the product is highest influencing to made decision. (2) Analysis of the factors that influence the decision to selected a Drugstore in Nakhon Nayok found that personal factors, including gender, age, education and income are different. The decision to selected a pharmacy in Nakhon Nayok. (3) Correlation coefficients between the predictors. The product factor Influence the decision to selected the pharmacy's is highest. The second is the distribution. Factors promoting the market and factors of price which influence the decision less than the other, statistically significant at the .05 level.

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